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Ultimate 120s Profile

Retractable External Venetian Blinds & Louvres - Ultimate (S) Profile

S – Profile

Ultimate 120S H3 W SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S H3 E & SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S H3 W

The SURE SHADE® ULTIMATE 120S is a world first engineered design, and carries an worldwide tested patent and has been developed and manufactured in Australia for the Australian climatic condition of high wind loading and high solar heat.


Ultimate 120S H3 W SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S H3 E & SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S H3 W
This means that the building management system (BMS) system can reliably assume slat angles without the need for extensive re-referencing that occurs in current systems. (re-referencing in current EVB tracking solutions results in moving the blind to a full open position at determined times during the day or night and then returning the blind to the original position. The Green Star rating tool has nine (9) categories and the SURE SHADE ® Ultimate 120S can provide or assist in gaining points in the following 5 categories.
Management – Man Credits address the adoption of sustainable development principles from project conception through design, construction, commissioning, tuning and operation. IEQ – IEQ Credits target environmental impact along with occupant well being and performance by addressing the HVAC system, lighting, occupant comfort and pollutants.
Energy – Ene Credits target reduction of greenhouse emissions from building operation by addressing energy demand reduction, use efficiency, and generation from alternative sources. Materials – MAT Credits target resource consumption through material selection, reuse initiatives and efficient management practices
Innovation – Inn
Green Star seeks to reward marketplace innovation that fosters the industry’s transition to sustainable building.
There are currently 83 individual titles available in 9 categories of the Green Star rating tool and the SURE SHADE ® Ultimate 120S product has direct input into 12 individual titles that cover 5 categories :
Category Management
Title Building Management Systems Credit # Man- 9 Points Available 1
Category IEQ – Indoor Environmental Quality
Title Thermal Comfort Daylight Glare Controlled Electric Lighting Levels External Views Individual Thermal Comfort Control Credit # IEQ-5 Points Available 2 Credit # IEQ-11 Points Available 1 Credit # IEQ-14 Points Available 2 Credit # IEQ-15 Points Available 2
Category Energy
Title Greenhouse Gas Emissions Peak Energy Demand Reduction Credit # Ene-1 Points Available 20 Credit # Ene-3 Points Available 2
Category Materials
Title Design for Dis-assembly Credit # MAT-8 Points Available 1
Category Innovation
Title Innovative Strategies & Technologies Exceed Green Star Benchmarks Environmental Design Initiatives Credit # Inn-1 Points Available 2 Credit # Inn-2 Points Available 2 Credit # Inn-3 Points Available 1
Points available from the 12 titles 37
Total points available in all 9 categories 164
Percentage of points to which the SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S can contribute 22.6%
What Green Star Certified Ratings are available?
  • 4 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 45-59) signifies ‘Best Practice’ in environmentally sustainable design and/or construction
  • 5 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 60-74) signifies ‘Australian Excellence’ in environmentally sustainable design and/or construction
  • 6 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 75-100) signifies ‘World Leadership’ in environmentally sustainable design and/or construction.
We trust this informative and detailed background to the industry is of educational value and provides the necessary information for informed debate and selection criteria for the correct and appropriate engineered solution and slat profile most suitable to provide a functional project with future viability. Of equal importance is that we have committed ourselves to make a difference in the”climate debate” and have instituted a range of greatly reduced square metre prices, ($250 to $470 + GST) that enable all projects from “spec homes” to high value building towers and projects to benefit. The Sure Shade range of quality products are engineered to provide improvements to either existing concepts and products or provide the uniqueness and “world first” of the Sure Shade 120S. While Australians lament the “death of Australian manufacturing” we have invested in the design, development, engineering and manufacture plant and machinery for a true “world first” solar radiation protection suite of products.

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