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Superior 80C Profile

Retractable External Venetian Blinds & Louvres - Superior (C) Profile

Superior 80C H2 WSURE SHADE

Superior 80C H2 WSURE SHADE® Superior 80C H2 W & SURE SHADE® Superior 80C H2 E

Sure Shade® introduces its advanced retractable external venetian blinds and louvres featuring the Superior 80C profile. Our Superior 80C H2 W and Superior 80C H2 E models are designed with precision and innovation, offering unparalleled stability and practicality for various applications. Explore the unique features of our products that ensure superior performance and contribute to a sustainable future.

Key Features :

Hagofix® Slat Control System:

Wire Guiding for Practical Solutions:

External Venetian Blinds 80C Profile
External Venetian Blinds Superior (80C) Profile

Zamac Side Pins for Refined Operation:

Wind Stability and Limitations:

Educational Value and Informed Choices : We believe that providing detailed industry background is crucial for informed decision-making. Our informative content equips you with the knowledge necessary for engaging debates and selecting the right engineered solution and slat profile. We empower you to make choices that ensure functional projects with future viability.

Commitment to Climate Responsibility : Sure Shade® is committed to making a difference in the climate debate. To facilitate eco-friendly practices, we have introduced a range of significantly reduced square meter prices ranging from $250 to $470 + GST. This initiative enables projects, from spec homes to high-value building towers, to benefit from sustainable solutions without breaking the budget.

Educational Value and Informed Choices
External Venetian Blinds Superior (80C) Profile
Sure Shade Quality Products : Our range of quality products, including the groundbreaking Sure Shade 120S, are engineered to enhance existing concepts and products. Whether it’s improving current solutions or introducing world-first innovations, Sure Shade products guarantee superior performance, durability, and uniqueness.

Sure Shade® sets the standard for retractable external venetian blinds and louvres with the Superior 80C profile. Our innovative solutions not only ensure stability and practicality but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability. Choose Sure Shade® for unmatched quality and a greener, more efficient future.

While Australians lament the “death of Australian manufacturing” we have invested in the design, development, engineering and manufacture plant and machinery for a true “world first” solar radiation protection suite of products.

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