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Retractable External Venetian Blinds & Louvres - Superior (C) Profile

Retractable External Venetian Blinds, Retractable External Venetian LouvresSuperior 80C H2 WSURE SHADE® Superior 80C H2 W & SURE SHADE® Superior 80C H2 E

The 80C slat with a 4mm rolled edge can be constructed without ladder braid by using Hagofix® . The Hagofix® system embeds a stainless steel connector into the rolled edge beading of a blind slat and a spigot attached to a kevlar/aramid tape provides extremely secure attachment and extensive slat angle control. The blind slat cannot swivel or slide within this fitting which provides over all positive slat control and an inherently stable external venetian blind product.

When Hagofix® slat control is used in conjunction with wire guiding of the blind slats, the SURE SHADE Superior 80C H2 W a more practical and usable solution can be provided for applications where a less intrusive blind stability system is required and a low wind loading component is present.

For greater stable, secure and refined operation SURE SHADE Superior 80C H2 E slat can have side pins. Constructed from Zamac side pins are an innovation for stabilising and greatly improving the 80C slat blind. Zamac is a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium and copper. Zamac pins are riveted to alternate slats (left and right) which engage with a extruded aluminium side guide. The side guide has plastic side inserts to reduce noise and provide easy movement.

When the 80C slat is used with Hagofix® , side pins and extruded aluminium side guides the profile can be made to be wind stable under moderate loads, however the single convex/concave blind slat design of the 80C cannot offer light and sun reflective glare block out when fully closed.

We trust this informative and detailed background to the industry is of educational value and provides the necessary information for informed debate and selection criteria for the correct and appropriate engineered solution and slat profile most suitable to provide a functional project with future viability.

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