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Non-Retractable Louvres & Blinds - Ultimate (S) Profile

Non-Retractable Louvres & Blinds - Ultimate (S) ProfileUltimate 120S H3 E SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S H3 E & SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S H3 W

The SURE SHADE® ULTIMATE 120S is a world first engineered design, and carries an world wide tested patent and has been developed and manufactured in Australia for the Australian climatic condition of high wind loading and high solar heat.

  1. The SURE SHADE® ULTIMATE 120S slat wind stability has been enabled by a new evolutionary design that has a slat width of 120mm which allows both positive (+) and negative (–) air pressure to balanced along the slat profile. A + air pressure at two locations, front and back, provides down ward pressure of the blind slat rather than upward lift as for the 100F and 80C slat profiles.
  2. The world renowned Hagofix® slat support system of spigot tape with stainless steel connector has been modified and designed by SURE SHADE® The size , metal properties and design of the stainless steel connector has been developed by Sure Shade to increase the wind load capacity of the system and the distance between spigots has been increased to 107mm to suit rotation of the larger slat size.
  3. The SURE SHADE ® Ultimate 120S slat size meets Australian expectations of large viewing areas through windows while still meeting the European requirement of allowing 40% of the view when providing shade at a solar angle of 20 degrees. The SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S with a 120mm wide profile has more open space area due to there being less slats impeding the view.
  4. The SURE SHADE ® ULTIMATE 120S profile has been designed to take part in the climate debate by providing a means of reducing peak electrical load for all building cooling, heating and electrical applications by reducing or increasing of solar heat transfer into the building in a progressive manner while still maximising natural light transfer into the building.
  5. The SURE SHADE ® ULTIMATE 120S could be optioned to will allow the control of solar heat and the capturing and reflecting of morning light up to11 metres into the room while preserving a glare free work environment at the window. The light is reflected by the 120S slat upwards towards the ceiling at a controlled angle and from there the light reflects downwards to provide increased luminescence up to 11 metres into the building. As the sun tracks from east to west the slat can be optioned to progressively close from 90 degrees to 135 degrees to reflect back solar heat and still allow natural light into the building. The blind slat can also provide considerable light control when fully closed.
  6. he SURE SHADE ® Ultimate 120S can be manufactured with wire guides if the wind loading is moderate and aesthetics of minimal visual obstruction is paramount. Since the 120S slat is inherently stable a higher wind loading can be accommodated when compared to the 100F or 80C constructed with wire guide. We recommend where possible to have wire guide only on one side with stability offered by a Zamac slat side pins engaged into an aluminium side guide extrusion on the other side. The intrinsic efficient slat Profile also ensures that with wire guiding the slat can close tightly upon itself to 3 degrees when in the closed position and minimise light intrusion.
  7. The SURE SHADE ® Ultimate 120S can be optioned for sun tracking. The package includes an intermediate logic interface control board manufactured by Liftmaster® that allows continuous monitoring of the angle of the individual blind slats.

This means that the building management system (BMS) system can reliably assume slat angles without the need for extensive re-referencing that occurs in current systems. (re-referencing in current EVB tracking solutions results in moving the blind to a full open position at determined times during the day or night and then returning the blind to the original position).

The SURE SHADE ® ULTIMATE 120S slat will greatly assist in category points required in Australian Green Star rating tool calculation as glazing the single greatest building product that captures and radiates solar heat into the building.

The Green Star rating tool has nine (9) categories and the SURE SHADE ® Ultimate 120S can provide or assist in gaining points in the following 5 categories.

Management – Man
Credits address the adoption of sustainable development principles from project conception through design, construction, commissioning, tuning and operation.
Credits target environmental impact along with occupant well being and performance by addressing the HVAC system, lighting, occupant comfort and pollutants.
Energy – Ene
Credits target reduction of greenhouse emissions from building operation by addressing energy demand reduction, use efficiency, and generation from alternative sources.
Materials – MAT
Credits target resource consumption through material selection, reuse initiatives and efficient management practices
Innovation – Inn
Green Star seeks to reward marketplace innovation that fosters the industry’s transition to sustainable building.

There are currently 83 individual titles available in 9 categories of the Green Star rating tool and the SURE SHADE ® Ultimate 120S product has direct input into 12 individual titles that cover 5 categories :

Category Management
Title Building Management Systems Credit # Man- 9 Points Available 1
Category IEQ – Indoor Environmental Quality
Title Thermal Comfort
Daylight Glare Controlled
Electric Lighting Levels
External Views
Individual Thermal Comfort Control
Credit # IEQ-5 Points Available 2
Credit # IEQ-11 Points Available 1
Credit # IEQ-14 Points Available 2
Credit # IEQ-15 Points Available 2
Category Energy
Title Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Peak Energy Demand Reduction Credit
# Ene-1 Points Available 20
Credit # Ene-3 Points Available 2
Category Materials
Title Design for Dis-assembly Credit # MAT-8 Points Available 1
Category Innovation
Title Innovative Strategies & Technologies
Exceed Green Star Benchmarks
Environmental Design Initiatives
Credit # Inn-1 Points Available 2
Credit # Inn-2 Points Available 2
Credit # Inn-3 Points Available 1
Points available from the 12 titles 37
Total points available in all 9 categories 164
Percentage of points to which the SURE SHADE® Ultimate 120S can contribute 22.6%

What Green Star Certified Ratings are available?

4 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 45-59) signifies ‘Best Practice’ in environmentally sustainable design and/or construction

5 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 60-74) signifies ‘Australian Excellence’ in environmentally sustainable design and/or construction

6 Star Green Star Certified Rating (score 75-100) signifies ‘World Leadership’ in environmentally sustainable design and/or construction.

We trust this informative and detailed background to the industry is of educational value and provides the necessary information for informed debate and selection criteria for the correct and appropriate engineered solution and slat profile most suitable to provide a functional project with future viability.

Of equal importance is that we have committed ourselves to make a difference in the”climate debate” and have instituted a range of greatly reduced square metre prices, ($250 to $470 + GST) that enable all projects from “spec homes” to high value building towers and projects to benefit.

The Sure Shade range of quality products are engineered to provide improvements to either existing concepts and products or provide the uniqueness and “world first” of the Sure Shade 120S.

While Australians lament the “death of Australian manufacturing” we have invested in the design, development, engineering and manufacture plant and machinery for a true “world first” solar radiation protection suite of products.