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Basic 80C Profile

Non-Retractable Louvres & External Venetian Blinds - Basic (C) Profile

C – Profile

Non-Retractable Louvres Basic 80C L1 E

At Sure Shade, we take pride in offering cutting-edge Non-Retractable Louvres and External Venetian Blinds in our Basic (C) Profile range. Our Non-Retractable Basic 80C L1 E Louvres are meticulously engineered to provide unmatched solar protection, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. Explore the advanced features of our shading solutions below:

Basic Wind Loading Models and Ladder Braid Technology:

Challenges and Solutions:

Basic 80C L1 W & Basic 80C L1 E

Wire Guides and Slat Profile:

Slat Rotation and Wind Stability:

Defects and Limitations:

Our Commitment and Innovations:

Sure Shade offers advanced solutions for solar protection, including Non-Retractable Basic 80C L1 E External Venetian Blinds in our Basic (C) Profile range. Using ladder braid technology borrowed from internal venetian blinds, our products are meticulously engineered with woven polyester and extruded ladder strings to control slats or louvres. Challenges like polyester fibre stretch and slat rotation are addressed through innovative techniques, ensuring stability and functionality. Our wire guides, available in stainless steel coating, resist rust and abrasion, even in corrosive coastal environments. The Sure Shade commitment to the climate debate is evident through reduced square meter prices, making their products accessible for various projects. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Sure Shade offers unparalleled solutions for External Venetian Blinds, revolutionizing solar protection in the industry.

Basic 80C Profile Gallery

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