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External venetian blinds at the Hyatt Hotel located 161 Susses Street Sydney. This project utilises the world first Sure Shade Ultimate 120S external venetian blinds in a interstitial situation for all their 5 potential ballrooms. As such the blinds are divided into 5 banks of blinds that can be individually controlled as required.

The interstitial blinds meets all the Hyatt Hotels requirements for light block out to enable light shows, projection presentations and theatre productions.

The colour of the 120S slat is a special metallic bronze that meets the Hyatt Hotel requirements.

The Sure Shade Ultimate 120S have on average the dimensions 2000mm wide and 5500mm high.

The controls for these blinds is achieved by either manual override or a roof mounted weather station that aggregates information as to lux levels, cloud cover, sun location and prevailing wind averages to allow the blinds to open, pitch and close to meet the Hyatt Hotel needs.

There are over 40 blinds installed, including  photo cromatic glass  installed in selected ballroom locations. Constructed in segmented triangular pieces that darkens in conjunction with the Sure Shade Ultimate 120S blinds and weather station, or manually selected, to provide the correct environment for the control of solar radiation and glare and lux levels.

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